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Hello and welcome to Glück Workshops! My name is Deborah, I’m an artist and teacher and this page is dedicated to giving you some examples of how we can work together!

In the past three years, I’ve been commissioned all over the world to work with creative development in very different scenarios, either organizing birthday parties for private families, traveling to Congo to work with a community of children that are part of an environmental project and also participated in big events on museums and theme parks, just to name a few. I’m also working on a research for the University of Sheffield in England. Here you can see the documentation of all the workshops I’ve done so far.

There are no boundaries for what I’m interested in working with in regards to creativity. My methodology is based on STEAM education and here is why:

Benefits of STEAM Based Workshops

It focuses on having fun
Human beings are naturally curious about the world and love to learn through playing. Activities that involve experimentation, discovery, building or collecting things are great ways to teach and to learn.

It brings real challenges
STEAM activities are designed around opportunities for people to solve ‘real world’ challenges – that is, challenges that are relevant to their lives. By making STEAM activities relevant to students’ lives, they tend to be more receptive to the experience and have increased motivation to solve the problem.

You learn while you’re making
Instead of a passive experience, where you memorize contents and do tests, I bring you hands-on, experiential learning. Hands on activities make STEAM experiences more fun, easier to engage with the content and facilitates the development of necessary skills for the students.

You use your deepest skills
The use of open-ended inquiry tasks allow students to select from their own skills ‘toolkit’ to direct their own journey towards a creative solution to the problem. This approach is often the best way to exercise students’ creativity and provide opportunities for students to try out their skills. It helps to harness students’ natural curiosity and engagement with the world around them. STEAM education is a great framework to work within to do this. By making education fun, relevant, hands on and achievable, students can develop the necessary skills needed for a bright future.

STEAM learning is customizable
STEAM learning can be tailored to suit a student’s abilities and educational level. Of course, the ideal STEAM question will push students to the limit of their abilities, testing out their problem-solving skills, their critical thinking and their engagement in the subject.

Freedom of space and expression
This is on the basis of everything I do. Giving children complete freedom to express themselves, brings them into a mindset they’re not normally given the opportunity to get in touch with. That’s where pure creativity, what makes every child unique has space to be expressed and played with. For me it’s crucial that the models of standardized education are flipped over and ignored completely. I know by experience, that the more you let humans create the way it feels natural for them, the better and more interesting the creations are.


These are my partners and friends I’ve been working with:

Makey Project
The University of Sheffield
Tate Britain
Royal College of Art
Fantasy Kids
Junior Lab
Tales of Us
CineKid Festival
Vai Kai
Indiana University


How can we work together?

I’ve created a couple of packages with my “most wanted” workshops, just to give you an initial idea, but I’m always open to create new ideas or adjust existing ones for your needs.

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Contact me at and let’s play!