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Virtual Reality Workshop

Virtual Reality has much potential for enhancing children’s creativity and digital literacies. Read about my research in VR and childhood for MakEY Project.

Tate Britain

I was invited to be part of the first digital day celebrated at Tate Britain, in London. ‘Imagine If‘ focused on learning through playing using technology and the artworks exhibited at the museum. More information about my workshop here.  

Tales of Us, stories from Congo

‘The Crocodile and the Little Fish’ is a movie that came out of lots of workshops exploring character design and storytelling with children from Mbomo, in the Republic of Congo.

Electric Monsters

Children are naturally drawn to clay, modeling with clay and creating stories with it. Why not add a bit of technology into it? Simply adding LED’s brings their imagination to a whole different level!

Happy birthday Luca!

On Jan 10, 2016, we celebrated Luca’s birthday at der Malfisch! We had cake, balloons and a drawbot workshop! At the end, we created an arena for the robots to draw a greeting card! Do you want a birthday party too? Write to Music by Poddington Bear: “Peas Corps”