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Animation Celebration at Cinekid Festival

This is a small documentary in 360 of “Animation Celebration!”, a workshop I developed with the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe for the 30th Cinekid Festival that happened in Amsterdam, for two weeks on October, 2016. Our workshop had 3 steps: 1. Kids created a controller made of cardboard. 2. Kids created an animation on the iPad using an app developed by us. 3. Kids connected their controllers to their projected animations using Makey Makey; and then, glitch it using the buttons on their controllers!   These are some of the animations created by kids on the workshop: I’m available for workshops! Contact me and I can either create a workshop with a specific need or theme, or/and I can bring you my workshops involving arts and technology, focusing on creative development and empowerment through playing and learning.

Happy birthday Elliot!

It was Elliot’s birthday and we decided to throw him a party with a Drawbot workshop! I designed a special laser cut robot for him and his friends to play. At the end, we created an arena for the robots to draw a greeting card! We also had wizard hats, dancing balloons, paper flags, screened animations and a lot of time to play! Do you want a birthday party too? Write to :D