Hello children! :D

Do you want to explore this amazing new technology called Augmented Reality? There’s an easy and fun way to do that, and I show you on this video.

Here are the steps:

1. Create a cool character using anything you want (don’t make it too big or you’ll have to print a big mat to scan it!)

2. Click here and download the file and print it (this is for the app to be able to 3D scan your character!)

3. Get a phone and search for the app “Qlone” (for iPhones and Androids)

4. Place your character on top of the printed mat and press the + button to start scanning it! Turn the paper around and follow the blue lines until they are transparent.

5. After you finished scanning, press the arrow on the right corner of your screen and you’ll have your character on your library. Press on the character and then, on the button “AR”. Now you can place your AR character anywhere you want! :D


If you want to show me your creations, send them to gluckworkshops@gmail.com and I’ll show everyone!

Most importantly: HAVE FUN and EXPLORE as much as you can!

The music in this video was created by Podington_Bear_-_Knock_Knock