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Fantasy Kids, a theme park in Taiwan

Fantasy Kids is a wonderful space for children in Taichung, Taiwan. They engage children to learn through playing using live stories performed by their adorable staff, followed by smart and interesting activities.

I was invited to go all the way to Taiwan and work with children for over a month. Not only I played with children that arrived at Fantasy Kids, but I also visited ten different kinder gardens around the country to dance, laugh (a lot!) and make drawbots together.

These are some pictures of the space (by pingu blog), that will give you an idea of how immersed kids could feel there:

These are two video teasers we did together to promote my visit:

I created a character, based on an illustration made by the Brazilian illustrator Suryara Bernardi, with the help of Yokai Lo, a costume designer from Hungary. I also added Robert, a cat created by the comic artist (and my dear friend) Lizz Lunney. This is how I looked:

I learned so much with them! Such an incredible culture, with character design everywhere (it changed the way I draw!!) and the people were so lovely! I also performed a little play and danced with them a lot, which is something I never did before.

Here’s a 360 video of one of the drawbot workshops we did together:

More videos like the one below on my Instagram:

You can read (using google translator if you don’t know Chinese) some nice articles written about Fantasy Kids and my workshops here, here, here, here and here.

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