I was invited by Eureka! to play with children on National Children’s Day, last May. Here’s what they wrote about the workshop:

Virtual Reality or VR – it’s something we hear about increasingly, but how can you create it and what is it like to experience it?

The brrrrrilliant (that’s both brilliant AND cool) Deborah Rodrigues will be running hands-on sessions where children will get to make an object come to life in Virtual Reality:

Create an object out of cardboard or paper
Photograph the object on your smart phone using a 360 app called “Cardboard Camera” (download before you visit: Android or iPhone)
Place your object in a VR city, before exploring it using your smart phone and VR headsets.

This activity is suitable for children aged 6+ and there’s no need to book. Just drop in to this activity anytime from 11am – 4pm on both days on the top floor of Spark gallery.

It was great to work with children in such an incredible place. Thank you Eureka! for inviting me! :D