Goodbye Letter

It took me a whole year to be able to write to you all. This is my last post and I apologize if it’s too long. I feel like I need to properly close this chapter of my life before I can move on completely.

From a very young age I knew there was something terribly wrong with the way I was being “educated”. It didn’t feel natural to me and I remember hiding in the bathroom at school trying to convince myself that what I was feeling was wrong, and there was something wrong with me; and that I had to obey and change my behavior. It is amazing to realize today how much wisdom I already had in my Soul so young! What I already knew was exactly what the journey I’ve been through with Glück Workshops proved to me: the education system is inhuman and detrimental to our development as human beings. I’m of course talking here about the system most humans go through: the public, systemic, manipulative, one sided, oppressive and ultimately useless one. I’m not talking about Waldorf or Montessori, which to this day are only available to a very tiny portion of society.

I want to make sure you understand, dear reader, that I’m not some conspiracy theorist telling you that the governments are doing this on purpose, because I don’t believe they are. The governments are made of humans who went through this same system, and perpetuates what they learned through it. The system of education was created over a hundred years ago for very practical reasons: parents needed to work, their children needed to go somewhere and get ready to one day go to work as well. That’s the MAIN reason human beings send their children to school to this day!

As humans, we’re extraordinarily complex. We have talents and skills we don’t even comprehend. I had proof of this theory time and time again working with children from all kinds of social spheres in Taiwan, Congo, Germany, UK and everywhere else I had the chance to teach. Our rational processes are just one side of a multitude of ways we make sense of our existence in the world. We are naturally limitless. We are born with the capacity to expand at each experience we live through. And then we go to school. And we are conditioned out of that capacity, out of our truth, out of our authenticity, out of everything that makes us, us. We’re taught to behave, to stop dreaming so much, we’re made to be afraid of committing mistakes or saying something wrong. To have all the answers in the tip of our tongues and to know everything or else! Playing is considered a waste of time, as a lesser “activity” that has no real benefits to be harvested. That’s another little pervasive trick we learn. Everything you create or say or learn, is only valid as a means to get something out of it. Creating and learning just for the fun of it is considered a waste of time. And in that process we learn to deny our humanity. To ignore who we are. We diminish ourselves and we’re deluded in believing that this is the ONLY way to survive and “make it in the world”.

Some people said to me that without knowledge we would just be savages. For them I always say that savagery has many ways of expressing itself. Knowledge without wisdom is a dangerous expression of that savagism and it’s one of the main reasons we have the issues we have today. The world today is pretty savage, wouldn’t you agree? Just because you have the internet and a house made of concrete, it doesn’t make you civilized. Einstein’s famous words “I fear the day when technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots” are getting more realistic by the day.

For some coincidence of destiny, I ended up working with the most prestigious places and institutions in the world. Places where humans pay ridiculous amounts of money to be part of. And time and time again, I was faced with the exact same issues of abuse, oppression, manipulation and disrespect for human nature. Even in so called important Art Universities. These were the worst I’ve been to. The students were in a constant state of fear from their teachers who in turn were also afraid of the young minds who will eventually replace them in a system that doesn’t care for anybody’s lives. All that matters is the superfluous, the outwardly emptiness of validation.

And that is why I’m ending Glück Workshops. It fulfilled its purpose, to prove to me in tangible ways that all the theories I felt since I was a child were true. I’m incredibly thankful for all the wonderful experiences I had. In six years working with Glück, I’ve seen the most horrific things being done with children. And I’ve seen the most wonderful things being done with children. They coexist and they taught me more than I could ever have learned through any academic studies I could have done. I was lucky to never have been able to afford academia. If I did, I would never have any of these experiences and I would most likely behave like most humans do today. Afraid of the world and at the same time, incredibly vulnerable to its validations and opinions about what I should or not do with MY life. I had this naive belief when I started this project that I could help change the system for the better. I don’t anymore. Change won’t come through the system, it’ll come from outside. From something completely new.

Only through knowing who we really are, in the depths of our beings (and there are many ways you can do that!) can we live a life that is fulfilling for us. What fulfills you might not be the same for me. What makes me happy might not be the same for you. By combining our understanding of ourselves with knowledge, we can live more authentically and bring forth real solutions to the collective. The system doesn’t take that into account.

For the young humans who are struggling to make sense of the nonsense in the world today, while being forced to sit at their homes listening to some poor teacher who can barely turn on a computer, I say this: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! You don’t have to comply with the system anymore. Put all your efforts into discovering what makes YOU light up with happiness and passion. Go after workshops with the people that you admire and that are working specifically on what you believe is important to YOU. Try lots of different things before deciding where you’ll invest your energies. Study History so you can have a broader overview of everything that is transpiring in the world — so you’re not dissuaded into believing any of the misinformation that’s being spread. If you want, you can study for free at the biggest universities in the world online. They have courses open for everyone today, and you can even get a degree at the end for a decent price if you need. Get out of the conventional way of doing things, because it won’t make you happy, it won’t guarantee a successful future to you and most importantly: it is not the only way of living YOUR life on this planet. Don’t worry about the future too much. The generation of your parents did everything they could to fit into this model. Look at their lives now. Look at the state of the world. Look at the choices the collective have made following what they learned at school and where those choices brought them to. Do they look fulfilled to you? Don’t you want something different for yourself? I know you do. I do, too.

Another thing Einstein said that really inspired me was that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” I don’t believe most scientists really understand what he meant when he wrote this. Einstein was a genius physicist but most importantly, he was aware of his humanness. He inspired me to look at reality through another perspective, that ended up changing my life and of those around me as well.

I’ve started a new project called Feather Tarot. With this project, I’ve been exploring reality through the veil of energetic patterns. I learned to heal myself and others through energy. I learned to pay attention to my body, who is constantly talking to me through my energies. I learned that my mind doesn’t always have the answers I seek. I also learned that we have a very intricate and special pattern of energies working within us. By studying and being curious by this perspective, I started helping humans make decisions and focus their lives on understanding themselves through their energetic patterns instead of only relying on their minds. This is obviously just one way of exploring self knowledge that I’ve decided to embark on because it resonates for me. If you’re interested, I’m more than happy to share it with you. You can find me at and on instagram @feathertarot — I believe this is an interesting way to create something new. To understand ourselves deeply and let this understanding guide our search for knowledge about the world, and decide how we’ll contribute to humanity. That’s another thing that changes when you get in touch with yourself: you decide to use your knowledge to benefit others, instead of competing and comparing with them; or wanting to accumulate resources. Your priorities change, and so does the way money comes to you. But don’t take my word for it. Try it and see it happening for yourself!

I want to end this essay by thanking all the humans I met along this journey, who played with me, laughed with me, learned with me, taught me, hired me, inspired me, annoyed me, disagreed with me and helped me grow and expand my life. I’ll be always grateful to you!

I hope some of you will join me on my new adventure. And I also hope you’ll create your own adventures and with it, change the paradigms of oppression and abundance of creativity in this beautiful world.

Thank you,

Glück Workshops

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