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Animation Celebration at Cinekid Festival

This is a small documentary in 360 of “Animation Celebration!”, a workshop I developed with the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe for the 30th Cinekid Festival that happened in Amsterdam, for two weeks on October, 2016. Our workshop had 3 steps: 1. Kids created a controller made of cardboard. 2. Kids created an animation on the iPad using an app developed by us. 3. Kids connected their controllers to their projected animations using Makey Makey; and then, glitch it using the buttons on their controllers!   These are some of the animations created by kids on the workshop: I’m available for workshops! Contact me and I can either create a workshop with a specific need or theme, or/and I can bring you my workshops involving arts and technology, focusing on creative development and empowerment through playing and learning.