Author: Deborah

About failure

It feels to me that it has become a cliché for people to say things like “failing is not a bad thing” or “there’s no such thing as failures”. But do you know why?

Tate Britain

I was invited to be part of the first digital day celebrated at Tate Britain, in London. ‘Imagine If‘ focused on learning through playing using technology and the artworks exhibited at the museum. More information about my workshop here.  

Fantasy Kids

Fantasy Kids is an incredible theme park in Taichung, Taiwan. I went there and played with children for over a month. More information here.

Junior Lab

Junior Lab is an incredible project happening sporadically in Berlin. You can see how I participated here, here and here.


My dream came true: I was one of the artists invited for the 14th Pictoplasma Festival! I gave a lecture about my work, had a solo exhibition and played with the participants, teaching them a little bit of Augmented Reality.

VR and Childhood

I work for MakEY, a research program funded by the European Union. You can read about my Virtual Reality and childhood research here. More information can be found here and if you want to read the blogposts I’ve written about my work, you can find them here as well.