Glück Workshops is based on the principle of learning through playing, exploring new objects and ideas/interactions; and mainly focusing on arts, technology and stem education.

I believe in creativity as a tool for surviving and thriving in the world today.

I talk a little bit more about this concept on this video:

Creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development.

When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation, sensitivity and creativity that will be important in their adult lives. Creating is also a question of understanding the others, working and exchanging with them: art makes children open their mind and open up to the others.


About me

My name is Deborah Rodrigues (aka Tartaruga Feliz). I work with Art and technology. With Glück Workshops and my explorations in these fields, I bring ideas for activities with children, inviting them to participate in this discovery process with me. I work with children in very different parts of the planet, passing on my values and exploring the intersection of learning, interaction and play as a path to strengthen creativity. I’m currently involved in a research program on Virtual Reality and childhood with the University of Sheffield in England.

Before creating Glück Workshops, I worked as an illustrator for kids for more than 10 years. I participated in projects developing characters and illustrations for Disney Club Penguin and in exhibitions around the world.
I use character design to alter my environment and reveal the silver lining inside every moment. Exploring art and technology, I’m focused on bringing more empathy and love to the world. Here’s my website!


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