About failure

It feels to me that it has become a cliché for people to say things like “failing is not a bad thing” or “there’s no such thing as failures”.

But do you know why? Do you feel it with your whole body when I tell you that the only way for you to know where you want to go or what you really want to do is through failing over and over again? Do you know deep inside that you were born knowing exactly that? Not in an intellectual level, I’m talking about inner knowledge.

Most adults see children as inferior little creatures that don’t know anything. And yet children might not have knowledge (because they just arrived); but they have human wisdom that most adults lose on the proccess of socialization.

This wisdom is the most important thing in our lives. By failing and not giving attention to what other people think about your failures (or success, or anything you want to do) you can connect with this wisdom and become and express fully who you really are.

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